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Review: If Wishes Were Horses by Robert Barclay

If Wishes Were Horses by Robert Barclay
HarperCollins Publishing
February 15th 2010
ISBN13: 9780061966880
Available formats: Ebook, Hardcover, Audio and Large Print 
Pages: 400
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I received this book by the publisher for this review.

Book Description
Wyatt Blaine desperately seeks a reason to continue. Devastated by the senseless deaths of his wife and son at the hands of a drunk driver, he remains unable to forgive, and to love again. Searching for a sense of peace, he decides to revive his late wife's equine therapy program for troubled teens at the Blaine family ranch. By honoring her memory in this way, he hopes to find the sense of closure that has long eluded him. 

But then Wyatt's pastor asks for the impossible—for Wyatt to meet with Gabby Powers, the widow of the man responsible for Wyatt's unbearable sorrow. Wyatt knows Gabby is not to blame for the tragedy, so when she begs him to accept her troubled teenage son, Trevor, into the program, he reluctantly agrees. With some help and guidance from Ram, Wyatt's irascible but lovable father, Wyatt does his best to accept Gabby and Trevor's unsettling presence at the ranch. Even so, Wyatt still feels that he is somehow betraying his late wife's memory rather than honoring it. 

But to his great surprise, Wyatt also finds himself drawn to Gabby's warmth, tenderness, and surprising ability to soothe his troubled soul. Day after day, their mutual attraction becomes more intense, more impossible to ignore. But to heal completely, Wyatt and Gabby must first overcome the common tragedy that separates them and learn the true nature of forgiveness. And only by conquering these seeming impossibilities might their hearts become free to love each other . . . . 

My Thoughts...

Gabby is single mother dealing with young son's not able to cope with the loss of his father at such a young age. Gabby's son, Trevor refuses to accept the truth about his father and the real reason his father died.   She hopes against hope that the one that can help Trevor.  Even if she has to beg to get the help she needs from the one man who's lost his family to her husband's drunk driving. 

Wyatt lost the people that means to him; his wife and son to a drunk driver, Jason Powers. Now some years later Jason Powers' widow, Gabby comes to ask for help and acceptance to his New Beginnings Program.

With the help of their pastor, both he and Gabby manage to get Wyatt to accept Trevor in his program.  There is something about Gabby that slowly worms her way into his thoughts.

If Wishes Were Horses was nothing like I expected. It was more than I can imagine and loved reading every single page. This is one heart warming tale of redemption, loyalty , love and forgiveness between family, friendship and the beginnings of a true love romance.  

I definitely wouldn't have picked this one if not for wonderful person who sent me a copy. *thanks Christine* I normally don't read contemporary romances since I am huge urban fantasy and paranormal reading kind of girl. But Mr. Barclay just won me over from the very beginning of fantastic novel.

There really isn't anything like reading a novel that starts off with a hero/heroine's tragedies that slowly overcome said tragedy and transform from friendship into a love story.

If Wishes Were Horses is one remarkable tale of romance and family love that is going to be cherished by many readers for long time to come. I for one hope that this novel hits the big screen sooner rather than later. 

I rate If Wishes Were Horses a rating of 4 Stars

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